İstanbul Gelişim Üniversitesi
The Department of Support Services runs all the infrastructure and transportation services of the university and the building and real estate businesses; supplies and supplies the necessary tools, equipment, goods and supplies. It provides the optimum combination of labor, financial and material resources available for the timely, economical and effective fulfillment of needed services and activities.

As a Support Services Office;

- To provide and supervise the safety of the staff, the staff and the students in "professional companies"

- To ensure that cleaning works are done with expert teams and modern equipments and make control

- Yes, cafeteria and social spaces to be carried out in high quality and competent personnel or companies, do follow-up and supervision work

- Maintenance, repair, warm-up, gardening and environmental management

- Establishing and functionalizing civil defense and environmental safety teams

- To carry out representation and hospitality activities on behalf of the University when necessary, to carry out wreath laying operations

- Carrying out warehousing operations with inventory, inventory registration