İstanbul Gelişim Üniversitesi

Support Services Department; Provides hygiene and quality cleaning services and transportation services to our students with the Administrative and Academic staff who work within the framework of providing the best service. To ensure the cleanliness of the internal and external environment of our university, to implement the tasks and operations in our duties and authorities in a fast, safe and efficient manner in accordance with the requirements of the times.

Our university provides the application of the contract provisions by performing the inspections and inspections related to the service areas of the contracting companies within the scope of providing and maintaining the cleaning and security services without interruption.


One staff member was assigned to each floor in the settlement. Classrooms, Amphitheater, Laboratories, Offices, Blue Hall Conference Hall, Sports Hall, Library, etc. environments are cleaned on a daily basis. The general cleaning of the toilets used on the campus is done every 5 times and is kept clean daily.

Academic opening of our university, spring festival and graduation ceremony, etc. arrangement of social activities and activities, and provision of cleaning services. Daily, weekly, monthly and semi-monthly system is applied for cleaning. Beside this, glass cleaning is done periodically. In addition to cleaning jobs, documents and transportation operations are carried out regularly by the serviced staff at the specified times.

The Turkish flag and the Atatürk poster are hanging in front of the Rectorate on official holidays and special days instructions. The staff members who are in charge of the staff are not aware of any problems in the building. solves the problems by notifying his / her authorized supervisor. Cleanliness and order are provided in the activities in the gyms and meeting rooms. In addition, equipment used in the gym is organized.

In our university, the soapy water and soils are cleaned by machine in the rooms during the periods when education and education are interrupted. General cleaning is done outside and inside. Materials and deficiencies are eliminated every day. Interior cleaning and exterior cleaning services are available at any time of day and whenever needed.
The records of the correspondences made in the Support Services Department are archived in the EMS system. We control and follow the personal rights of all the staff of our headquarters. The Department of Support Services is responsible for controlling and supervising the entire cleaning work outdoors.

Campus routes and the surrounding areas are cleaned daily. Garbage chutes around the building are evacuated daily. Cleaning of the refuse deposit, which is the common use of the campus, is daily hygienic cleaning washed and disinfected. It controls the internal and external medicines of the settlement and controls and supervises the companies providing these services. Parking lot cleaning is done regularly every day. In adverse weather conditions, campus roads are controlled to become accessible.

Support services such as transport organization are carried out in a qualified, quality, fast and healthy manner. In the process of its implementation, services are adequate, high quality, effective and economical, and "Job Health and Safety" has been foregrounded as an issue that is never overlooked. Supervision and control of the security in the settlements are provided by the security supervisor affiliated to the Support Services Department. The cafeteria, dining hall, etc. in our university. places cleanliness, price, quality, kitchen etc. monitoring is provided.